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Arkansas Teacher Uses Rave Panic Button to Help Save Student

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Rave Mobile Safety, a provider of critical communications solutions designed to help save lives, and the Prairie Grove School District honored an Arkansas teacher with a SmartSave Award for her role in helping a student during a medical emergency on school grounds.

Arkansas utilizes the Rave Panic Button to protect students, staff and administration across all of the 1,053 public K-12 schools as well as county courthouses and the state capital complex. It’s first in country to deploy the technology state-wide.

The school district honored Brandy Carte, a special education teacher at Prairie Grove Elementary School, for taking immediate action to bring medical attention to a student in the midst of a severe seizure during which her breathing and heart stopped. Carte, prepared with a plan, appropriate training and Rave Panic Button technology, expedited the emergency response process with the touch of a button. The teamwork provided by staff and emergency responders not only meant that the student regained consciousness in the classroom, but that emergency response extended all the way to the police department blocking intersections for the ambulance to travel more quickly.

In a letter, Carte expressed her surprise at the amount of response initiated by the application: “What I didn’t realize was all of the support that would arrive due to the notification given from one push of a button.”

The mother of the student also shared, “We know that things could change for her again, but we have complete confidence that if something awful were to happen again that she is in a completely safe and loving environment. We know with the Rave Panic Button app that she will always get the help she needs as quickly as it can possibly happen.”

When activated, Rave Panic Button communicates an emergency to 9-1-1, on-site personnel and first responders in seconds. The application shortens response times, reduces confusion and improves safety for all those in the immediate area by providing information during the first seconds of an event.

“Rave is proud to support the safety of students and staff across Arkansas,” said JP French, Director of Strategic Accounts, Rave Mobile Safety. “The quick response enacted by Brandy was truly amazing and illustrates our ultimate goal of simply protecting students and teachers across the country.”

The SmartSave Award was created to honor those who effectively use Rave’s suite of products to positively affect the outcome of an emergency. Learn more about the Rave Panic Button app here.

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