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Are People Really a Business Continuity Issue?

It’s a good question to ask of the organizations that have found out the hard way. Temporary offices are in place and IT services are back online, but the people sitting at these relocated desks are not functioning well, and many of their colleagues are absent. If we don’t recover the people, then we haven’t recovered the service.

By managing the people aspects well, you can positively influence productivity, motivation, attendance (short and long-term) and retention. You can also mitigate against reputational damage and litigation. Following a crisis or distressing event at work, be it act of terror, violence, fire, flood or pandemic, how quickly and fully your people respond and recover will determine the same for your organization.

June 2018 saw the publication of the international standard ISO 22330 “Guidelines for people aspects of business continuity.” This new document expands on the guidance in ISO 22301 and ISO 22313 providing a uniform approach to preparing for, and responding to, events that are disruptive, challenging or distressing for its people.

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