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Continuity Insights Management Conference

April 27th 9:45 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. BREAKOUT SESSIONS

B8: Data Privacy: Align Your Organization With Data Privacy Regulations


Joe Layman, Bright Horizons, and Susan Zielan, Core Logic
Do you know what consumer and employment information is stored in your company databases? Do you know that data privacy requirements will soon be part of your BCM program? Did you know your company can be heavily fined for non-compliance to privacy regulations?



B9: Realities of (Organizational) Resilience
David Lindstedt, PhD, PMP
Very particular elements of resilience emerge time and time again in cases where organizations have thrived in the face of adverse and volatile circumstances. Perhaps surprisingly, these elements have nothing to do with determination, grit, or teams of resilient individuals. Neither do they require assembling a host of preparedness entities like business continuity, cyber security, or risk management—resilience should not be confused with robustness. Resilience at the organizational level requires establishing and leveraging specialized capabilities in unique and often unexpected ways. Come learn how resilient organizations build and employ a distinctive combination of crews, capital, culture, and leadership. Stop wasting finite resources by making investments that “feel” like the right ones, but are not. Join Dr. Lindstedt’s as he combines case studies, narratives, and research into an approachable and engaging style. What you learn just might surprise you!

C18: Effective Resilience Builds Customer Confidence


Dave Sarabacha and Mitesh Shetty, Deloitte LLP
To build a brand that customers can trust, we need to embed resiliency into our organization’s culture. And to do that we need to transform the resilience of traditional processes or locations to resilience of critical customer-facing business services and advance to a proactive, integrated, and responsive capabilities. Join us as we discuss how to start your journey to develop an end-to-end resilience framework that guides the identification of the most critical enterprise-level services (and underlying processes) for your customers and operations and delivers resilience through a holistic combination of prevention, continuity and response, and recovery planning for each service.

E5: Managing Team Mental Health During Crisis    
Dawn Grzena, Zendesk
As the leaders during a crisis, we are expected to be calm, cool, and collected no matter what the crisis is. What happens when crisis exhaustion starts to creep in by either your executives, response teams, or those that you manage? What are the burnout warning signs that you should be watching for? Finally, how do you manage the team beyond this single event? This session will go over what I’ve learned over the years on what to watch for during a crisis for burnout, exhaustion or team members being overwhelmed. We’ll go over the various tools and tips to help both your direct and extended teams. By the time this session is over, you will walk away with solid strategies, ideas, and more tools for your crisis response toolbox.

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