C13: Aligning Disaster Recovery to Company Technical Direction and Objectives        
Andrea Houtkin, Houtkin Consulting, Inc.              
Our DR environments are being left behind – because of cloud migrations and the fact that the enterprise tends to separate production and DR – a fault of our own doing. Building a load-balanced set of data centers, expanding the change management process to include simultaneous implementations for both data centers, integrating DR documentation in the production-related technical repositories and refining the technical processes and procedures can help a company keep focused on the importance of DR prep and readiness.   



C14: Crisis Communications:  Always Acknowledged, Never Planned or Trained – The Impact on Your Sustainability 
Bo Mitchell, 911 Consulting
All the crisis plans your workplace is supposed to have require crisis communications with internal and external audiences. Yet most employers have not planned, trained, drilled or exercised these procedures and systems important to our sustainability after an emergency. This presentation employs case histories that will focus on the tactical and strategic communications that are required by law; mandated by standards and best practices; as well those that can save your job when an emergency strikes.


E9: You’re a CISO and Now you’re Running a BC Program
Kevin Finch, Sayers
Three CISO’s in disparate industries (Banking, Healthcare, and Home Services) have recently been tasked with overseeing and improving their company’s business continuity program. This presentation looks at this trend, and how synergies between the goals and works of InfoSec and Business Continuity can make this marriage between disciplines viable. It also looks at a few pitfalls to avoid if this is happening at your company, and then explores seven specific actions that CISO’s can take right away if they suddenly find themselves running a BC Program Office.



E10: Bricolage: Professional Relationship Management Strategies for Practitioners
Jay Johnson Ed.D, Mayo Clinic
The presentation is an exploration of how the continuity practitioner can benefit professionally and personally through a thoughtful and intentional approach to professional relationship management strategy. We often approach relationships without a methodology, either because doing so come naturally to us, or because we feel that using a methodology casts shadow of insincerity or superficiality. The takeaways are all about how we can recognize our skills, and the areas where we are less skilled, so that we can work to build networks of valued colleagues who can support one another professionally and personally.