B7: Keeping Your BC Plan Current in a Shifting Cyber Landscape       
William Malik, Trend Micro         
You aim to create a business continuity strategy with staying power, but constantly evolving cyberthreats create the need for regular updates to that leg of your plan. Hear case study examples of organizations who created unique BC drills and tactics that stand apart. Attendees will walk away with ideas for how to make their own continuity plan more resilient, even in an unpredictable environment.


C17: Agile Business Continuity: Engaging All in Continuous Improvement      
Bruce McIndoe, McIndoe Risk Advisory LLC         
Working with a Fortune 500 company, the presenter applied most of the principles of Adaptive Business Continuity, but it lacked a program execution framework. They took Adaptive BC and married it with the agile methodology to create Agile Business Continuity. Understand the objectives for creating Agile BC. Walkthrough how the agile methodology – sprint planning, execution, and retrospective – were applied at the unit and organizational level.


C18: Continuity Confessions: Crowd-Sourced Case Studies
Howard Mannella, Alternative Resiliency Services
So many conference sessions feature buzz phrases such as Best Practice, Innovation, etc. Ever want to hear how someone got it wrong? Hear some real lessons from candid practitioners who were not afraid to admit “Here’s where it went wrong and here’s what I would do differently next time.”  The presenter will share a list of potential pitfalls and how to avoid them, innovative ways to look at programs critically and improve using the experience of others as guideposts, and take comfort that no program or practitioner is perfect, that it’s OK to make mistakes, and how to recover from them.


C19: Best Practices for Creating a Comprehensive Vendor Risk Management Program for Your Business
Kathryn Scourby, KNS Consulting,
Businesses face an environment full of increased cyber threats, data breaches, supply chain issues and risks from vendors/business partners who create risk for our organizations.  That clients are now directing changes in business practices to ensure that there are stricter RFP, audit and vendor guidelines for all businesses if they want to gain new clients and keep their existing clients.  Having a comprehensive Business Continuity plan and Vendor Risk Management program is no longer a “nice thing to have,” but instead critical to continue to provide services to clients and maintain an excellent reputation in the face of any threat. Participants will take away best practices to create a comprehensive Vendor Risk Management program that will help ensure that their business stays resilient in today’s global world of cyber threats and data breaches.