A4: So, You’re Having a Disaster… Now What?
Tom Serio, MTS
This session will not only take into consideration the countless hours and resources you’ve spent on planning to find out if you’re truly ready when the time has come to put your plan to the test but highlight areas of concern you may have never thought of or put way down on the priority list.



C12: The Pros and Cons of Having a Third Party Manage Your BCM Program
Kurt Sohn, Virtual Corporation
Congratulations! You’ve been tapped by leadership to lead the BC program. Whether starting from scratch or inheriting a program that has struggled to meet management expectations, how do you choose the best path forward? Where can external resources be effectively leveraged? What are the pros and cons of outsourcing parts of or the whole program? When does outsourcing your BC program make sense? Real world examples, practical tips, and tools you and your team can use to develop your BC program roadmap and resource plan are the basis for this session.


D4: Enhancing Agility Through Consequence Based Risk Analysis
Jay Johnson Ed.D, Mayo Clinic
We all use scenarios to build context for planning, training, and education. The challenge is that the variability of scenarios makes it very difficult (if not impossible) to provide detailed plans for everything that we could face. We also know that the consequences of events and emergencies have a lot of overlap. We’ll dive into how working from the consequence perspective to build foundational plans has allowed our teams to begin response with processes that support their needs in many scenarios and facilitate graceful transition into more detailed efforts.


E4: Standing Up Your Business Continuity Program: The Fundamentals to Gain Trust and Add Value in 0-90 Days  
Andrew Owlett
Build a business continuity program foundation in 90 days, while gaining executive trust and adding value to the organization. Are you brand new into your position? Or have you been in your position for a while and need to gain traction?    Launch your BC program in 90 days, while gaining critical stakeholder buy-in and support, adding value, and building the foundation to overall program success. Follow an agile framework that will provide results to the stakeholders that need to see your program succeed.