A4: Cyber Resilience: What’s New and What to Do
Roberto Zegarra, DRI International
Attend this timely, informative session for an in-depth analysis of current cyber threat vectors. Learn how to create a cyber-resilient organization, including how preparation can effectively assist in cyberattack prevention, detection, response and recovery. The speaker also will present a case study and discuss how to increase collaboration among information security, business continuity, and business recovery teams.


C6: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
Mark Armour, Brinks, Inc.Mark Armour, Brinks, Inc., and Joel Navarro, Mary Kay, Inc.
Business Continuity is not easy. And being successful in this discipline takes a lot of courage and hard work. Oftentimes, it means taking steps or stepping into roles for which we feel unprepared or are uncomfortable performing in. During this interactive session, you’ll be challenged to think of some of the things that may be holding you back while learning some tips and tricks for overcoming them. We’re all capable of much more than we believe we are. By stepping out of our comfort zone, we demonstrate our ability to rise above, not just to others but to ourselves.


C7: How “Not To” Conduct an Exercise





Mark Carroll, Income Research + Management; Dr. Steve Goldman, MIT; Jenn Park, Boston Scientific; and, Chris Wright, Deloitte
To the organization it is an exercise, the annual or semi-annual tabletop engaging key individuals in a simulated recovery event; but for you it is a test, an event via which you are evaluated for your ability to organize and deliver as you work through a crisis event.  While “How To” conference sessions are the norm, How Not To is even more important as there are approaches, actions, decisions and results that just about guarantee an ineffective exercise and your personal failure.  This session will guide you through the “don’t do” this aspects of an exercise, leaving you with the comfort and confidence that you can navigate your own course to exercise success simply by avoiding these pitfalls.

C8: Managing Organizational Resilience in Outsourced Functions    
Tahir Rao, Securian Canada
Dependency on third parties and outsourced companies is increasing while responsibilities remain with the principal company. It is challenging for the principal companies that how to get assurance from third parties/outsourced companies about their business continuity/operational resilience.



F6: Ready for Anything: Building Total Enterprise Resilience
Frank Shultz, Infinite Blue
For years, organizations have been striving to achieve operational resilience. Now, as risks increase in frequency and severity, businesses need higher levels of preparedness and the ability to respond to incidents in a more comprehensive, agile, and dynamic way.  In this session, learn about the principles of total enterprise resilience, how it goes beyond traditional business continuity and disaster recovery programs and, given the emerging threats, is necessary to enable a rapid response to any impact.