B5: Return to Work: The Most Important Issue You’ve Completely Overlooked
Bo Mitchell, 911 Consulting
If you think that plexiglass, hand cream, and desk wipes are the most important issues in your Return to Work, then you will fail with your employees. The most important issue: Trust in You as the Boss. Do your employees today trust you, your property manager, or the government that your workplace is safe for employees’ RTW?


C9: What the Board Wants
Ted Brown, KETCHConsulting
You’ve been giving the opportunity to present to your organization’s Board of Directors; or you’re seeking that opportunity. What should you say? What do they want to hear? What do you want them to hear? How can this help your BCP, Risk Management, or Crisis Management?



How to Work With Consultants to Achieve Nirvana!
Dr. Steve Goldman, MIT
The time may come (or has already arrived) when you need outside expertise for your Business Resiliency, Crisis Management, Crisis Communications, or Disaster Recovery program. Although consultants come in all sizes, shapes, costs, and areas of expertise, there are some guiding principles that you should know when choosing and working with them



C11: Evolve! Real World Steps to Leverage Today’s Crises for Tomorrow’s Resilience
Jason Jackson, Infinite Blue
Real-world talk and experiences around what it takes and how to grow your program to achieve greater future organizational resilience with Jason Jackson, former head of Global Emergency Management/Business Continuity for Walmart and Chief Security Officer for the Great American Outdoors Group (Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Big Cedar Lodge, White River Marine Group). Attendees will walk away with valuable and practical action steps to apply to their own programs and organizations in developing a holistic approach towards constant program evolution to achieve greater outcomes.


D3: ISO 22301 and Its Suite of Standards to Evaluate Business Continuity Program Performance
Marie-Helene Primeau, Premier Continuum
Despite the utmost importance of having a working BCM program in place, there is yet no consensus among BCM practitioners on which metrics to use to evaluate program performance and how to implement them successfully and cost effectively. This session will provide an overview of the standards that can be used as the foundation of an efficient business continuity program evaluation approach. It will bring participants up-to-speed on the 2019 update of the ISO 22301 standard and, accordingly, provide sound guidance on setting the right metrics to meet organizational objectives. It will offer insight into the planning phase meant to lead to stronger execution and results and it will also present a roadmap on how to implement standard-based metrics with a focus on solidity, efficiency, and the beneficial impacts on the organization.