C11: Journey to Resilience
David Halford, Fusion Risk Management
The Journey to resilience continues to evolve and is different in many cases based on your Enterprise, business requirements, and relevant regulations.  As a result, the program components and areas of desired improvement are also different.  In this session, the presenter will explore programs area you should consider as part of your resilience journey, discuss the overall journey, and share practical ideas on how to plan and move the relevant journey along.


C12: I Inherited a Business Resiliency Program! Now What?
Dr. Steve Goldman, MIT
This session discusses what professionals should do when they are assigned the role of Business Resiliency Manager: where to start, what to do, how to lead, how/when to communicate, and how to track success. Topics include acquiring executive support, figuring out what was left to you, resources available, assignment of responsibilities, office politics, needed leadership skills, and action plan development. You will determine where you are, where you need to be, and how to get there. What else should you be doing? What have other companies done?


D4: Evacuation Drills in a Hybrid Workplace
Carlo Kelejian, Continuity Innovations    
When an emergency occurs, preparation is essential to ensure that employers and employees have the right tools, know what to do, and how to stay safe. Our new hybrid working environment poses challenges to the traditional emergency response, evacuation drills, and shelter-in-place process.  The safety of staff is the most important aspect in our line of work. However, not knowing who is in the office can make it more difficult to ensure employee safety. This session will share strategies that can be used to effectively perform evacuation and shelter in place drills (and actual evacuations) in a hybrid workplace.



E7: Individual Resilience – Where Organizational Resilience Begins
Lynnda Nelson, International Consortium for Organizational Resilience   
The presenter will identify the behaviors it requires to be more resilient and how to applying this to hiring and professional development practices.    Takeaways included in this workshop: 1) An understanding of the globally recognized definition of organizational resilience – what are we talking about?  2) Examples of attributes and capabilities of more resilient organizations. 3) Understanding of the relationship between an organization’s culture, its behavior, and the resilience of its people.  4) How to identify behaviors, what types of behaviors the organization is seeking, and how to apply this knowledge in hiring and professional development practices. 


E8: Defining Your Personal Brand and How to Drive BCM Program Adoption and Career Elevation
Aaron Callaway and Chris Hamrick, ServiceNow
The presenter will discuss the simple power of connection (Professional vs Personal). What does building a personal brand mean? Why is it important to you, to building high potential teams, and personal/professional satisfaction? Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast… What is yours?  And how do we apply this into our daily lives. The presenter will share his personal journeys, BCM/Ops Res program challenges, and how to connect and grow with others.