A2: Tales from the Real World
Mark Carroll, Income Research+Management
In this session approximately 10 individuals, collectively with over 200 years of BCDR experience, will be assembled to present their unique challenge or mini-case that they have experienced that is outside of the business continuity norm; something that you can’t address from a textbook of best practices. A cadre of experts will each relay an example of a method, practice, use-case, etc. that they have used or plan to use that is outside of the BC/DR norm.


C3: How to Set a Solid Foundation for Operational Resilience Success – Part One
Brian Zawada, Castellan BC
Over the last year, there have been countless discussions and debates about what operational resilience is and why you should be addressing this industry shift now. But, while insightful and inspiring, you may be left wondering what steps you need to take to actually get started. Or, more importantly, how you should navigate laying a solid foundation that will engage your senior leadership team and ensure you’re focused on protecting the right things. Please join Brian Zawada for an interactive, two-part workshop that will get you started down the right path. In part one of this workshop, we’ll cover:

  • What operational resilience really means for you – regardless of industry
  • How to get started with operational resilience and connect it to business continuity
  • How to leverage the BCOS Frame Meeting to get executives engaged and identify your important business services

C4: Risk Assessments & How to Get Started: A Deeper Dive
Beth Frasure, Veoci
We all know Risk Assessments are critical in identifying the potential threats your company may be exposed to. Some risks can easily be averted, some accepted, and some require additional resources in order to be remedied. Join this session for a discussion on how you can get the process started, from choosing your methodology to leading into your gap analysis. This process can be daunting, but you’ll be exposed to the tips and tricks learned through conducting asset-based risk assessments. Along with the methodology, the presentation will go over the C.I.A. scale used to rate and prioritize assets. Please join us in removing the confusion and struggle of completing a Risk Assessment.

C5: Will We Need Business Continuity in an AI World?
James Green
In the box office hit movie Minority Report, facial recognition software that bombarded Tom Cruise with targeted personal advertisements seemed futuristic. Less than 20 years later not only is it our reality, but people aren’t even surprised by it anymore. As Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning continue to become more sophisticated, organizations will rely on automated decision making not just when mitigating online and digital risks, but when responding to incidents. Will those decisions be the right ones? What happens if they’re not? Will a company be held liable if a machine makes “poor” decisions during a disaster? In this session we will look at if Business Continuity programs will be needed in an AI future, and if so, what they will look like.

E2: Breaking the Mold – Innovative Perspectives on Leadership







Tracey Rice, Fusion Risk Management; Mitzi Harlor, Marriott International; Alice Kaltenmark, BCI USA Chapter; and Cheyene Marling, BC Management
This inspirational group will share the stories of how four of the industry’s most successful members shaped their careers and pushed our profession in new directions. A mix of humor, struggle, success, and lessons learned, this session will offer advice on how to stay energized and smash the glass ceiling through hard work and positivity, while never accepting “good enough” as an answer.