A2: Communication Holes with Your Business Users    


Lisa Casteel and Debbie Mason, Primerica            
This presentation will focus on some of the potential holes in communications between the BC/DR Team and the business areas they are supporting. It will focus on some real-life experiences and how they addressed them, with regards to the efforts to bridge the gap between what is taking place in the BC/DR world and the business areas.  Do you offer annual awareness training to all employees? How do you educate your employees about BC/DR awareness?  What avenue to you use to provide updated information about your company’s BC/DR response plan?



C5: Supply Chain Risk Assessment


Ted Brown and Dave Hunt, KETCHConsulting
Many of the greater risks facing organizations today relate to supply chain. Years ago, the FFIEC implemented a regulation called Appendix J which required financial institutions to evaluate the BCPS of their technology service providers (TSP). That regulation was incomplete because it ignored other providers. This session will review how to analyze the risks of your broader supply chain: TSP, material suppliers, personnel suppliers, international risks, workplace violence/active assailant preparedness, etc.



E3: Taking Over: Evaluating an Existing BC Program, Evaluating and Motivating Your Staff
Blaise D’Ambrosio, Federated Hermes, Margaret Millett, Uber Technologies, Inc.
Congratulations, you have changed jobs internally or started at a position at a new organization. Now you need to prepare a Business Continuity Management (BCM) Assessment for executive management on how well the organization will continue to function. Using Blaise’s recent experience in taking on his current director of Business Continuity role, this case study will focus on 1) Define what you need from the program, 2) Review documentation, 3) Talk with the team and stakeholders, 4) Create a program maturity model, and 5) Document a strategy.


E4: Career Resilience – It’s Time to Take Charge!


Tracey Rice, Fusion Risk Management, and, Alice Kaltenmark, BCI USA Chapter
Everyone has a different career story, starting with how you came to the industry and the path you took into the role you hold today.  While each journey is a little different, there are similarities, successes and challenges shared by many during career growth – moving up the ranks, recognizing opportunities, taking responsibility and being accountable. During this session, you will answer the questions: where am I, where am I going and how do I get there?  You will leave feeling empowered and ready to take action on your career resilience!



F4: Operational Resilience – Getting Proactive and Understanding End-to-End


Chuck Wachter and Travis Morehouse, Northwestern Mutual
The term Resilience is everywhere and we’re quickly reaching information overload.  Some companies are moving down the resiliency path while others are trying to determine how to begin.  This interactive session will break Operational Resilience down into its basic concepts and provide methodologies and resiliency objectives that you can incorporate into your recovery program and establish a roadmap towards resiliency.  The session will discuss translating Operational Resilience, understanding end-to-end services, creating meaningful communications with executives, how BC exercising needs to change, execution obstacles and what’s needed to achieve success.