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Continuity Insights Management Conference

April 24th 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. BREAKOUT SESSIONS

B2: Remote Worker’ Business Continuity Plan          
Carol Moffitt, BGIS          
Our world is changing as is our business environment. We need to shift with it.  Even before the pandemic many organizations had remote workers, as did BGIS due to the nature of our business, our clients and our collective multiple locations.  Learn how BGIS introduced the Remote Worker Business Continuity Plan, how it is incorporated into their overall program and more importantly leveraged during adverse situations.  


C2: Balancing Business Continuity and Explosive Growth – 15 Years Later    
Leah Andrews, Zoom Video Communications, Inc             
The presenter will review and update the three factors she presented back in 2008, which were:  1) Know your culture, 2) Test first and often, and 3) Lead the way. A comparison with her former experience at Go Daddy and compare/contrast to building a continuity program at Zoom today, 15 years later. Zoom has experienced explosive growth due to the pandemic. And as a throw back bonus, she’ll touch on the buzz word of 2008 – what ever happened with convergence?      


D2: What’s Risk Got to Do with It?  A Proactive Approach to Risk Management
Mary Herbst, YMCA of the North
In order to effectively manage our risk and insurance, the presenter has developed an Enterprise Risk Management program to proactively identify the top risks in the organization and to make recommendations on to mitigate, transfer and/or effectively manage risks in an association that has high risk tolerance.  



D3: Resilience is a Team Sport — Driving Broader Organization Engagement and Impact        
Stephanie Jackson and Shimika Brame, Meta            
The presenter will share how Human Centered Design principles can been applied in any organization to power (and achieve) higher levels of organizational resilience.  Learn how to galvanize resilience within your organization by driving engagement at all levels. Approaching resilience as a team, it significantly boosts our ability to overcome anything!    Everyone has a role to play in resilience and are stronger as a team, organization, community, and world! Let’s build the teams necessary to power resilience.



F2: Ensuring Your Third Parties Can Deliver
Joel Navarro, Mary Kay, Inc.
Confidential. Classified. Proprietary. These are common answers organizations receive when trying to assess specifics on critical Third-Party preparedness. Summaries and SOC reports are nice, but often lack specifics your organization seeks to ensure Operational Resilience. The more we outsource, the bigger the issue becomes. Learn how to get the answers you seek, measure preparedness, and ensure your third parties are compliant at the start of your engagement to mitigate this growing problem. Your customers are counting on this.

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