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Alertus Collaborates with National School Boards Association on Provide Emergency Preparedness Grant

Emergency mass notification solutions provider Alertus Technologies has announced a collaboration with the National School Boards Association (NSBA) to provide an annual emergency preparedness grant valuing up to $75,000 to one qualified member of the NSBA.

“Working with NSBA provides us with a great platform to reach local K-12 schools that want and need to strengthen their emergency preparedness,” said Ryan McGonigle, Director of Philanthropy at Alertus. “We’re excited to take our philanthropy initiatives to the next stage with an association that understands the value of technology and how the Alertus Mass Notification System can help improve school safety.”

As Alertus has grown, so has the desire to reach local and international communities that are insufficiently prepared for an emergency or a disaster event. The Alertus Grants Program was created to help reduce barriers for schools by providing free hardware and software solutions to enhance their emergency preparedness strategies. This program is an extension of the Alertus Desktop Donation program, which to date has provided over 700 non-profit organizations across the world with the Alertus Desktop™ Notification tool. Now in partnership with NSBA, Alertus will be expanding its grants program to support more K-12 schools in need across the United States.

“Safety is a top priority for public education leaders and communities, with comprehensive school safety being the foundation for creating positive and supportive learning environments for all students and staff. NBSA recognizes that to create and foster safer schools, it is essential that we develop and promote collaborative relationships and open communication with state school board associations, communities, educators, law enforcement, emergency responders, and other entities concerned with school safety,” said NSBA Director of the Center for Safe Schools Adam Lustig. “With a shared vision of improving safety infrastructure and overall school safety, NSBA is excited to collaborate with Alertus to provide critical resources to our schools.”

To qualify and apply for the grant, association members must be a registered non-profit organization or a government entity such as a school, library, or public agency. Priority will be given to high-risk and high-need organizations.

NSBA members can apply for the Alertus Grant by visiting the NSBA website. Applications will be accepted from January 7- February 17, 2020.

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