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AlertMedia Solution Calculates Impact of Local Threats on Businesses and Warns Those at Risk

New threats are constantly emerging all over the world, affecting an increasingly dispersed and mobile workforce. Companies are left struggling to sort through the noise, so they can understand which threats pose an immediate risk to their employees and assets, and quickly communicate about those threats to improve safety. Regardless of the type of threat—severe weather, active shooter, political unrest—organizations need to reduce the time between the emergence of a threat and when they take action to protect their people and their business.

AlertMedia has come up with a solution to this problem by integrating threat monitoring directly into its industry-leading emergency communication software. Using comprehensive threat data from analysts and trusted sources around the world, AlertMedia performs over 100 million calculations daily to cross-reference the location of each global threat against employee and asset locations. This analysis allows companies to clearly see the threats that impact their business.

Organizations no longer have to monitor local and global news outlets, Twitter feeds, weather alerts, and other threat sources. AlertMedia provides companies with the threat information they need, including threat severity, advice, background information, location, and precisely who is impacted, all in one simple interface where they can also seamlessly notify their people.

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