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The New York City Metro ACP Chapter has announced that Arash Azedegan, PhD, will discuss “The Role of Leadership During Supply Chain Disruptions” at its next chapter session. The meeting will take place on Thursday, October 18 at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group, located at 300 Vesey Street, New York, NY.

During this session, attendees will be introduced to a hands-on exercise where they will need to assess the effectiveness of a leader in facing a particular type of supply chain disruption. Dr. Azadegan will tally the results and (along with the presentation about past findings) will engage the audience in an interactive discussion on how leadership effectiveness can be influenced by the disruption context.

Dr. Azadegan focuses on research related to supply chain disruptions, response and recovery from disruptions and inter-organizational creativity and innovation. Dr. Azadegan manages the Supply Chain Disruption Research Laboratory (SCDrl) at the Center for Supply Chain Management at the Rutgers University Business School.

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The New York City Metro ACP Chapter meets on the third Thursday of every month. Learn more.

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