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Business Continuity professionals continue to line up and take sides as they debate the future of the business impact analysis. What does it represent? What are the true benefits? Is a BIA truly necessary? Rico Andrew Patron, AMBCI, MBA, ACS, has entered the fray, weighing in on the conflicting positions of two respected business continuity consultants.

A seasoned practitioner, Patron carefully considered the opposing viewpoints of Dr. Alberto G. Alexander and David Lindstedt, PhD, before drawing his own conclusions.

Alexander is a MBCI, BCMS IRCA Lead Auditor and Approved Tutor, and the managing director of the international consulting and managerial training firm “Eficiencia Gerencial y Productividad,” located in Lima, Peru. Lindstedt is the founder of Readiness Analytics, an organization focused on providing meaningful metrics for preparedness practitioners and the creator of the RPC Model of Organizational Recoverability, author of “Measuring Preparedness and Predicting Recoverability,” and co-writer of the Adaptive BC Manifesto.

Read the full article on Continuity Central.


Continuity Insights

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