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Q&A with VP of Global Intelligence, Sara Pratley

From severe weather, such as the current heat wave or unforeseen floods and tornadoes, to the increase in protests and active shooter situations, the frequency and severity of threats are higher today than ever before. Access to real-time, analyst-verified threat intelligence is now crucial for organizations to keep their employees safe and operations flowing.

Continuity Insights sat down with AlertMedia’s Vice President of Global Intelligence, Sara Pratley, to discuss the company’s addition of Analyst Access to its Threat Intelligence product, what’s unique about the feature, and how customers have utilized it so far.

Can you give us an overview of Analyst Access?
Analyst Access is a new feature within our Threat Intelligence product that offers customers direct, 24/7 access to our Global Intelligence Team of expert analysts during emergencies and other critical events. Upon receiving an alert regarding an active threat, customers can now solicit additional context, clarity, and insight via an easy-to-navigate, in-product chat experience.

Features include the ability to immediately inquire about any alert via a chat button within an alert itself; browse a global, secure chat room with the ability to source context from an active discussion or participate in conversations with other impacted organizations; and streamline communication with key stakeholders or impacted employees to further reduce emergency response times.

Other benefits include access to AlertMedia’s world-class Global Intelligence Team, comprised of meteorologists and threat intelligence analysts with backgrounds in military and government intelligence, law enforcement, and global security teams from many of the world’s largest corporations.

Why is the feature such a significant addition to the Threat Intelligence product?
Access to real-time, human-verified threat intelligence – that’s relevant to a specific organization – is critical for safety, security, and operations leaders to effectively mitigate potential risks or manage emergency events. Today’s security and operations teams face a great sense of information overload and the need to sift out false positives. This not only hinders their ability to identify threats in a timely manner but also requires their own research to feel confident when it comes to escalating information to stakeholders and the wider organization. The ability to immediately gather additional context on an active threat enables these teams to confirm necessary details and drastically reduce response time, getting the right information to the right people when it matters the most. Furthermore, the caliber of expertise that sits within AlertMedia’s Global Intelligence Team is simply unmatched. For security and operations leaders to know they have 24/7 support from an intelligence team that truly cares is priceless when disaster strikes.

In which cases have customers used Analyst Access so far?
Organizations from international retailers with multiple store locations to healthcare organizations with distributed field workers to tech companies with multiple office locations use AlertMedia’s Threat Intelligence solution and utilize Analyst Access.

A couple of recent examples include severe weather events. One customer was recently alerted of a potential wildfire in California that was nearing an area of operation. A member of their team used Analyst Access to gather context on whether it was contained or increasing in size. An analyst verified that the fire had increased in size, provided continuous updates regarding resources that were en route, and confirmed when the fire was out and roadways reopened.

Another customer, a high-end, international retailer, was able to detect a tornado in the area of a store location using AlertMedia’s Threat Intelligence solution. They sent an emergency notification to employees in the area to seek shelter. Following the tornado warning, the team used Analyst Access to confirm whether it was safe to leave secure locations.

Other organizations have been able to view these conversations in the global chat room and follow the additional context for their own safety and operations. The global chat room is a non-competitive place where safety, security, and operations leaders come together to ensure the safety of their employees and the resiliency of their business when in harm’s way.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
In a time when the Great Resignation is ongoing, and the threat landscape is in the state that it is, organizations in all industries must prioritize employee well-being and emergency preparedness and response for long-term business resiliency. Employees want a real level of care and empathy now more than ever, and employers can provide that by ensuring their safety. Learn more about Threat Intelligence and Analyst Access at AlertMedia.

Learn more at AlertMedia.

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