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Broadcom Raises the Bar on Identity Security

Even before the era of digital transformation, a central pillar of enterprise security was Identity Security, which focuses on access to digital information or services based on the authenticated identity of an individual. But in this emerging era of multi-cloud, where organizations can no longer depend upon a single web perimeter, companies face a changing constellation of challenges and must find new ways to access disparate resources, while doing so with high degree of security to maintain the integrity of their enterprise. That is where Broadcom’s Identity solutions come in.

Identity in general is an area that is integral to everything customers do when building products and services or interacting directly with their customers. Everything you do requires your identity to be known at various levels of assurance: logging into a computer, banking transactions, cell phone apps, etc.  So as our customers introduce new products and services, their Identity and Security capabilities must foster those business goals while keeping their organization secure.

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