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Are Manufacturers Ready For Cybersecurity Implications Of Industry 4.0?

Cyber Attacks

Recent breaches of MGM and Caesars are proof that no company, or industry, is safe from sophisticated, aggressive and frequent cyber attacks.

Preparis Adds New Feature To Its Preparis Planner

The provider of business continuity and crisis management planning software is updating its Preparis Planner.

Resilient Buildings: Standing In The Face Of Disaster

Resilient Buildings

As disasters become more frequent, communities can look to codes, standards, and financing to achieve sustainable, resilient buildings.

The Evolution Of Disaster Recovery: A Glimpse Into The Future

disaster recovery

The escalating threat environment has led to an increased demand for comprehensive solutions for swift disaster recovery.

Businesses “Very” To “Extremely” Concerned About A Ransomware Attack

ransomware attacks

One in five companies suffered a ransomware attack in 2023, according to new Hornetsecurity survey.

Utility Company Launches 2030 Zero Outages Initiative

The Zero Outages Initiative rapidly accelerates proven energy storage programs, proactive line undergrounding, and system storm-hardening.

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