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British Prime Minister to Pledge Investment in R&D

british prime minister

British Prime Minister Theresa May offered business leaders a trade-off Monday, pledging more investment in science and technology while insisting that the benefits of private enterprise must be more evenly spread around the country. May warned those attending the Confederation of British Industry conference that business has been undermined by … Read more

Amtrak: New Locomotives Have Cut Delays Nearly 25 Percent

Amtrak New Locomotive Long

The introduction of 70 new locomotives on Amtrak’s most heavily traveled line three years ago has contributed to a reduction in engine-related delays of nearly 25 percent, the national passenger railroad said Thursday. The last of the ACS-64 locomotives, called the Amtrak Cities Sprinter, is being rolled out this month. … Read more

Italy’s Premier Vows Help for 15,000+ Displaced by Quakes

italy earthquake recovery

Italy’s premier pledged Monday to find temporary housing for all those displaced by a series of powerful earthquakes in a central mountainous region, as the nation’s strongest temblor in 36 years pushed those needing assistance to more than 15,000. Sunday morning’s quake with a magnitude 6.6 caused no deaths or … Read more

Budget 2017: As the world looks on, India moves slowly towards a cleaner economy

The government’s continuing thrust against corruption and its emphasis on regulatory compliance in the budget is welcome It was inevitable. In some ways, this budget was expected to be a quiet interlude. It was set against the big disruptions of demonetization in the preceding quarter and the transition to a … Read more

NATO Adds Cyber to Operation Areas

NATO Adds Cyber to Operation Areas

NATO agreed Tuesday to make cyber operations part of its war domain, along with air, sea and land operations, and to beef up the defense of its computer networks. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the decision to formally consider cyber operations a military domain is not aimed at any one … Read more

Crisis or Speed Bump? What UK Vote Means for World Economy

Brexit What UK Vote Means for World Economy

Britain’s vote to leave the European Union adds a heavy dose of uncertainty to a world economy that is still struggling to reach full speed years after the global financial crisis. The most immediate pain will be felt in Britain. But economists say the ripples could be felt much farther … Read more

Amazon S3 outage spotlights disaster recovery tradeoffs

Tuesday’s Amazon S3 outage reverberated around the Internet, but cost and complexity will likely keep many users from scrambling to change their redundancy practices. One of the largest service disruptions to hit AWS in years would have had far less impact if customers added more redundancy safeguards, but many cloud … Read more

How to Control the Message in Today’s Connected World: Social Media and Crisis Management

Ted Brown, KETCHConsulting Social media has become a major channel for connecting with customers, but businesses are wary because ultimately it is harder to control the message on social than on other media. During a crisis, the stakes are even larger. Social media is only part of a greater crisis … Read more

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