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8 Cyber Threat Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

In this time of change and adaptation, Booz Allen’s newly published Cyber Threat Trends Outlook explores what we know about upcoming cybersecurity challenges, and provides guidance on how to prepare for them.

Threats to cybersecurity are part of our everyday life, routinely afflicting even the most agile, innovative, and admired organizations around the world. Today’s digital connectedness generates extensive opportunities, but also creates new opportunities for threat actors to infiltrate and inflict damage. From abusing of Internet of Things to exploiting vulnerable supply chains to penetrating critical infrastructure, today’s threat landscape is a ripe hunting ground for sophisticated attackers. Now more than ever, your organization must prepare and proactively build advanced cyber defenses to mitigate these attackers.

The Cyber Threat Trends Outlook report covers eight anticipated key cyber threat trends for 2021:

  1. Next-Generation Extortion and Evolution in Malware Business Models
  2. Supply Chain Attacks via Cloud-Hosted Development Environments
  3. AI, Evasion, and Theft
  4. Parcel and Shipping as Critical Infrastructure
  5. Mandated Contact Tracing Apps May Open Doors for Large-Scale Cyber Attacks
  6. Cybercriminals Will Likely Capitalize on Rapid U.S. Telehealth Adoption
  7. 5G to Expand the Attack Surface for Industrial IOT
  8. 5G to Increase Security Pressure on Mobile Hotspots

Read about the emerging threats Booz Allen has seen this year and download the  full report for an in-depth look at what to watch for in 2021 here.

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