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Avalution Consulting Introduces The Business Continuity Operating System™

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Business continuity and IT disaster recovery consulting services and software solutions provider Avalution Consulting has announced the official release of the Business Continuity Operating System™ (BCOS). The system provides a whole new way to build connections, drive analytics, and operate an evolving cycle of improvement that delivers real results.

Avalution has helped build and run hundreds of high-performing business continuity programs. And, for the first time, the firm is sharing how they do it and how organizations can apply their proven process to achieve the right level of resilience.

“For over 20 years, the business continuity profession has focused on tweaking ‘methodology’ as the sole lever for running a dynamic, sustainable business continuity program, said Brian Zawada, Avalution’s Managing Director and Chief Visionary Officer. “Unfortunately, staying laser-focused on methodology only leads to incremental program improvements that never address the main issue holding many programs back – a lack of engagement from senior executives and the business.”

The Business Continuity Operating System™ is a proven system that enables organizations to achieve business continuity success:

  • Frame: A proven method for getting all stakeholders on the same page from the start regarding what business continuity is and what it’s trying to achieve for the organization.
  • Build: A proven business continuity planning methodology that delivers actionable mitigation, response, and recovery capabilities that protect an organization’s ability to deliver its most important products and services.
  • Evolve: A Connections Cadence™ for sustaining focus and driving program engagement by getting the right people, in the right meetings, reviewing the right metrics, and solving the right issues.

“So, whether you’re an executive who has been assigned responsibility for business continuity and don’t know where to start, or an experienced practitioner who is frustrated that your program isn’t generating the energy and engagement is once did, BCOS provides a whole new way to build connections, drive analytics, and operate an evolving cycle of improvement that delivers real results,” added Rob Giffin, Avalution’s Managing Director and President.

More information on The Business Continuity Operating System™ is available via Avalution Consulting.

Continuity Insights

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