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Continuity Insights Management Conference

It seems as if almost every day, new issues emerge to test the plans and preparedness of business continuity professionals across the world. New, perpetually evolving technology, cyberattacks, natural disasters, and a global economy all present new risks. And it’s up to BC pros to prepare for them. This can be easier said than done.

The 2019 Continuity Insights Management Conference will feature several presentations from companies representing various industries that will focus on emerging issues. Presenters will cover a wide range of topics that many BC pros will likely be faced with soon if they haven’t been working on them already.

Jabil Inc.’s Senior IT Manager, Stuart Murray, will present “The Future of Recovery.” This session will showcase the art of the possible, utilizing some existing and some emerging technologies. If you are looking for ways to leverage automation in your recovery program, this is the session.

Join Murray for a glimpse of the future of an international manufacturer’s recovery strategy as he discusses some of the automation strategies that will be deployed at Jabil in the next few years. His roadmap and presentation will include topics like automated notifications to recovery team members and stakeholders, automated plan maintenance reporting and escalation, and automated recovery procedures that will enable robotic system and application recovery in the cloud.

The cloud is a growing reality and seems to be on everyone’s mind. But what does it really offer, especially when it comes to DR? “The Cloud and What it Means for DR (for non-IT professionals)” will provide an overview of how DR capabilities can be developed using the services currently available from cloud vendors. Session speaker John H. McWilliams, Principal with JH McWilliams & Associates LLC, will cover, in a non-technical way, what DR is, how it has been practiced in the past, and how it can be achieved when using cloud services.

McWilliams will review new and old models of DR and explore some of the realities and potential issues that may arise when using cloud services and help you to take an ‘eyes wide open’ approach to considering DR when using the cloud.

Gary Cohen, Vice President, Product Safety & Development for Assurance Software, will present “How Agile Techniques and Organizational Best Practices Can Be Used to Drive Higher Levels of Organizational Preparedness and Buy In.” While many business continuity programs hit the mark quite well in terms of achieving compliance goals, achieving significant improvements in organizational preparedness and greater organizational buy-in has been more elusive, especially with limited budgets and resources.

Cohen will discuss how to apply core Agile principles to business continuity programs to achieve greater organizational buy-in, higher levels of participation, better preparedness, and the creation of a continuous improvement engine.

When time is of the essence during a crisis, how can you detect what is the real public perception and how your message is perceived? Isabelle Primeau, President of Premier Continuum, will provide insight during “Monitoring Social Media Sentiments to Better Manage Your Communications During Crisis.” Reviewing a recent ransomware crisis, Primeau will share key concepts in Incident Response and Crisis Management and explain how media monitoring tools using AI (artificial intelligence) can help analyze public perceptions and understand the context of positive and negative comments surrounding the crisis, allowing Crisis Management Teams to make better decisions faster. While negative online conversation dominated the crisis, see how positive corporate messages were successful at also keeping positive mentions during the event.

Today’s business world moves at a faster pace than it ever has, and it is important that business continuity professionals recognize the emerging issues that they will likely face in their professional careers.

For more information about the 2019 Continuity Insights Management Conference, click here.

Continuity Insights

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