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3 Steps to Help State and Local Governments Build Cyber Resilience

Now is a more important time than ever for state and local governments to double down on cyber resilience to make sure they have the systems in place to both protect organizational data AND react in the event of a cyber attack. What makes cyber resilience different as an overall approach? Not only is it more outcomes based but because it focuses on business continuity and financial priorities, the benefits are much broader than acute disaster recovery or preventative cyber strategies.

To summarize, cyber resilience encompasses protecting the data, protecting the application and protecting the outcome. Additionally, implementing a resilience strategy optimizes your cybersecurity fiscal spending, as the most critical items are prioritized first.

For governments, this translates to the ability to ensure constituent services go uninterrupted and keep services online with little to no impact on staff or citizens – regardless of the threats or disruptions that take place, especially cyber attacks.

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