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22nd Global Resilience Compensation Study Is Live

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The Global Compensation Study for Resilience Professionals is recognized as a premier compensation assessment for Business Continuity/Resiliency professionals (entry-level to chief officers and consultants). Now in its 22nd year, the annual study from BC Management and the BCI assesses the earning potential for BC/resilience professionals by years of experience, degree, years of management and leadership expertise, geography, certification, and much more.

For BC/Resilience professionals, if you participate in this study, you’ll receive exclusive access to:

  • Global Resilience Compensation Report: Gain access to an in-depth report, chock-full of cutting-edge insights and trends in Resilience compensation data findings.
  • Customized Resilience Compensation Peer Data Dashboard: Delve deeper into your field with a personalized dashboard, offering a unique perspective on how your compensation and skills compare to your peers.

The video below highlights the 2023 compensation dashboards, which were exclusive to study participants. Here’s a link to participate.

Click here for more news about previous Resilience Compensation Studies.
Continuity Insights

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