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2020 World Climate and Security Report Released

The Center for Climate and Security has released the “World Climate and Security Report 2020,” which details the global security risks caused by climate change. While the impacts and specific challenges each nation faces varies, the availability of resources, such as food and water, are common issues across all regions.

In addition to this, countries that are already unstable will likely see an increase in internal conflict, as well as migration of their citizens to more stable areas. Even relatively stable regions, such as Europe and North America, will have to contend with the social, economic, and safety concerns posed by climate change issues such as “heat impacts, flood risks and forest fires.”

According to the report, “100% of the climate security risks assessed will increase in the next twenty years (2020-2040).” In order to mitigate these effects, countries are assessing the risks posed by climate change and developing resiliency plans from both a national security and a foreign policy perspective.

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