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Developed by the DRI Future Vision Committee, the DRI International 2018 Global Risk and Resilience Trends Report provides a global perspective and comprehensive trends analysis of how resilience professionals view their industry and the external factors that are shaping it.

The 4th annual report is now available as a free download in the DRI Resource Library.

Building on the 2017 analysis, the report looks in more detail at key challenges facing the traditional BC/DR certified professionals and their potential role in the emerging wider resilience discipline.

For 2018, two of the top risks remained similar to the previous year, but a third risk — data breach — has grown to become a major issue for resilience professionals:

  1. Major IT Disruption (Deliberate)
  2. Severe Data Breach
  3. Extreme Natural Disaster

Learn more about how the resilience field has evolved over the past year when you download the report here.

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