A5: Aligning Business Continuity Management and Supplier Risk Management Programs
Dave Prosser, Verizon Wireless
Supplier Risk Management (SRM) has become a critical risk management function monitored globally at the highest levels of leadership. Many organizations entrust their core products and services to suppliers (aka third parties or vendors), thereby relying upon the suppliers’ processes and controls to carry-out these core products and services in a safe and secure manner. If suppliers lack strong processes and controls, the entrusting organizations can be exposed to operational, regulatory, financial, and (many times even more concerning) reputational risk. With natural and man-made disasters, civil unrest, cyber-attacks, and data breaches becoming more frequent, Business Continuity Management (BCM) has become an integral part of a robust SRM Program. This session will present an overview of how Verizon’s BCM team works with and supports the SRM program.


C13: New Threats: Are You Prepared?
Courtney Ring and Andrew Witts, BC in the Cloud by Infinite Blue
Some threats will always remain a consistent issue, e.g. Fire, Flood, Theft, and Power outages, but in our ever-changing world, how prepared are we for the evolving new threats that can and will become more prevalent over the next decade? How do we evaluate these threats? How do we quantify the risk and response to these new threats? In this session, the presenters will evaluate new threats, such as trade war, Brexit, GDPR, ransomware and global climate changes, and how we can best prepare for them.


C14: Delivering A Crisis Management Exercise That Challenges The C-Suite!
Senad Cehajic, OMERS and Isabelle Primeau, Premier Continuum
Executives at the C-Suite level that comprise the crisis management team have limited time and attention to give to an almost unlimited number of issues. As a result, it’s vital to optimize the time that you have with the C-Suite to ensure they are ready to respond to a crisis effectively. You will achieve this by delivering an exercise that truly challenges their crisis management reflexes. C-Suite level executives are high achievers who thrive in high pressure environments. Conversely, they can become bored and detached when not adequately engaged. This session will provide the roadmap to deliver an exercise that has the C-Suite feeling more confident in their capabilities and excited about participating in the next exercise. Aspects including selection of the right scenario for the exercise and designing injects that are unexpected but realistic will be explained. Important elements such as effective use of multimedia and pacing of an exercise will also be described. Finally, this session will illustrate the exercise moderation skills needed to conduct a challenging exercise.

C15: A Business Continuity Metrics Toolkit Using Data Visualization to Help Enhance Your BCM Program!
Dr. Bernard A. Jones, St. John’s University
This initiative is the culmination of an exhaustive and comprehensive research effort resulting in the creation of a BCM metrics toolkit. This presentation will uncover essential findings and the tools that will help add value to your BCM programs. The concept of data visualization is on the minds of today’s business executives. Regardless of the business, understanding the power of data visualization will make you and your organization more efficient and productive. As a long-time BCM practitioner, the presenter feels that BCM metrics are still maturing and must forge its way into the minds of C-Suite executives. 


D6: Effective Resilience Builds Customer Confidence
Dave Sarabacha and Mitesh Shetty, Deloitte & Touche LLP
To build a brand that customers can trust, we need to embed resiliency into our organization’s culture. And to do that we need to transform the resilience of traditional processes or locations to resilience of critical customer-facing business services and advance to a proactive, integrated, and responsive capabilities. Join us, as we discuss how to start your journey to develop an end-to-end resilience framework that guides the identification of the most critical enterprise-level services (and underlying processes) for your customers and operations and delivers resilience through a holistic combination of prevention, continuity and response, and recovery planning for each service.


E6: Breaking the Mold – Innovative Perspectives on Leadership


Tracey Rice, Fusion Risk Management (moderator)
Alice Kaltenmark, BCI USA Chapter; Mitzi Harlor, Marriott International; and Cheyene Marling, BC Management
This inspirational group will share the stories of how four of the industry’s most successful members shaped their careers and pushed our profession in new directions. A mix of humor, struggle, success, and lessons learned, this session will offer advice on how to stay energized and smash the glass ceiling through hard work, and positivity, while never accepting “good enough” as an answer.