A2: How Relevant is Your Recovery Plan in Today’s Landscape of Cyber Risks and Threats?
Pat Corcoran, IBM
Why are cyber attacks likely to be the Achilles heel of your recovery strategy? Why will existing and traditional DR systems never be enough today? How robust and agile is your resiliency strategy in a hybrid multicloud world? How can you sidestep cyber attacks and function under duress? What regulatory mandates does cyber resilience help you comply with? Join us to discuss all things resiliency in a world refined by new paradigms of security and risks.



B3: Elevate your Resilience Program to Integrated Risk Management Integration with IRM 
Tracey Wilder, Witt O’Brien’s and Philip Bigge, Continuity Logic
The future for success is clear: Resilience and Continuity Programs are best sustained in an integrated Risk Management program. But how will you elevate your Resilience Program to work with other organizations such as IT Security, Third Party Management, Privacy, Global Security, and Financial Risk?  Chief Risk Officers and Chief Information Security Officers are asking the same questions and are looking for you to provide the best advice. Join the presenters to learn how to be a successful partner in the Integrated Risk Management organization, how you can become a more effective leader, and how others can benefit from you and your program.


C6: The Path to Operational Resiliency – The First Steps
Megan Epperson and Doug Weldon, IHS Markit 
There is limited detail describing how to design a multidisciplinary resiliency program that addresses the lifecycle of incident management and the recovery demands from data corruption, ransomware, infrastructure, and third-party failures. This session will discuss the critical enhancements to the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Risk Assessment (RA) across the various risk disciplines: supporting fundamental business intelligence and requirement contributions from Information Security, Physical Security, Incident Management, Risk Management, Operational Risk, and related disciplines. It will showcase practical ideas and provide examples of how to launch your organization into the next generation of resiliency planning by “breaking down the silos.” 


C7: Convincing the C-Suite to Invest in BCP, DR, and Risk Management
Ted Brown, KETCHConsulting
Learn critical strategies to get your upper management to not only approve budget, but to fully embrace to your business continuity, disaster recovery or risk management programs. The presenter will walk the attendees through these critically important steps:

  • Document objectives
  • Define financial justification
  • Gather competitive references
  • Prepare appropriate “Scare Tactics”
  • Anticipate objections
  • Use OPM: Other People’s Money
  • And much more.

D4: Continuity and Disaster Risk Management at the Home Depot
Jeff Partin, The Home Depot
As an industry leader, the Home Depot manages an enterprise-wide, highly resilient disaster preparedness/crisis management capacity for all of its properties within the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada and Mexico.  Utilizing effective situational awareness, risk management, response and recovery strategies during major disasters and other hazards help mitigate and minimize disruption impact.  Attend this session and hear how the Home Depot builds, progressively enhances, and institutionalizes a sustainable culture of readiness and resiliency to ensure the sustainability of our business processes and positive customer experience.


E2: Weird Science: Experience and Experiments to Change Our Practice of BC
Dr. David LindstedtDavid Lindstedt, Adaptive BC Solutions
Let’s reimagine and redesign our entire profession in about an hour. Seem unlikely? Perhaps, but if we all start with a common set of principles that we all have learned from our own experiences, it might not be so unlikely as you think. In this interactive session, Dr. Lindstedt will collect and collate our real-world experiences with business continuity and use them to rethink the way we practice BC. If nothing else, at least you’ll walk away with a few new weird ideas of how to make your everyday work more interesting!