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The Latest Global Compensation Report Is Published

The Global Compensation Report highlights how different factors may impact a professional’s earning potential.

Can Dogs Really Predict Earthquakes?

Dogs Predict Earthquakes

In Lima, Peru, dogs are playing a critical role in a new approach to early earthquake warnings and public safety.

Secretary of Commerce Releases Strategic Vision on AI Safety

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo also revealed plans for global cooperation among AI safety institutes.

Why Cyber Teams May Not Report All Cyber Attacks

New research indicates that 40% of cyber teams are concerned about their jobs if a cyberattack impacts their respective organizations. VikingCloud‘s new research revealed that 40% of cyber teams have not reported a cyber incident out of fear of losing their jobs—a disclosure that signifies a serious underreporting of cyber … Read more

Most Organizations Had At Least Two Identity-Related Breaches In Past Year

machine identities

Security professionals rate machines as the riskiest identity type, reveals the CyberArk Identity Security Threat Landscape 2024 Report.

Jersey City Medical Center Completes Flood Resiliency Project

Jersey City Medical Center Floodproof

Conti Federal’s micro-resiliency solution reduced costs for the flood proofing project at Jersey City Medical Center, minimizing disruptions and delivering the project on time.

Considering A Supply Chain Visibility System?

Supply Chain

Here are six criteria logistics organizations should consider when selecting and implementing a supply chain visibility system.

Recap: The 2024 Continuity Insights Management Conference

Continuity Insights Management Conference

The Continuity Insights conference offers valuable networking and educational opportunities for business continuity and resilience professionals.

Cybersecurity Fears On The Rise Among U.S. Workers

workplace security culture

Here are five practices organizations should include in their cyber agenda to cultivate a strong and confident security culture, courtesy of EY.

Modernizing Threat Detection: The Shift To AI Advanced Security Solutions

Threat Detection

Joshua Douglas, SVP of Product & Engineering, Xtract discusses security threats impacting facilities today, and the benefits of AI weapons detection systems.

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