Will You Be Ready When Disaster Strikes?

Businesses are under siege from an increasing number of natural and man-made disruptive events. One crisis can destroy your business and impact the lives of all involved. The recently published book, The Ultimate Business Continuity Success Guide, demonstrates how cutting-edge preparation techniques and tools can make your business unbreakable while increasing revenue and reducing your expenses.

In The Ultimate Business Continuity Success Guide: How to Build Real-World Resilience and Unleash Exciting New Value Streams, author Marty Fox, CNCP, goes beyond ‘what to do’ and explains ‘how to do it’. He details proven tips, techniques, and tools – 1,001 in total – dispensing information that practitioners can use to build and strengthen resilience and discover hidden growth opportunities.

Fox includes easy-to-follow case studies and examples, serving as a roadmap for learning how to protect your business in an increasingly dangerous world; avoiding the common pitfalls that can destroy your business; becoming aware of critical threats and opportunities in real-time; building a resilience program that works while you sleep; and achieving the peace-of-mind a resilient business provides.

More information is available at www.UltimateBusinessContinuity.com.


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