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One thought on “Video: The Holy Grail – The Promise of Enterprise Risk Management

  1. First, I’m a bit confused as to why a holistic approach requires any specific discipline to cede control and/or expertise.
    Isn’t this a bit like the dentist saying, “If only the nutritionists and sports medicine people would be willing to give up some of their recommendations and expertise to we dentists, then we could have better teeth-health.” Or the car brakes mechanic saying, “If only the engine and tire experts would quit being so silo-ed in their thinking, then we could make changes to get breaks to last longer.”
    Second, I’m a bit confused as to why Risk Management would be the de facto area to control / direct all other resilience-related areas. Why shouldn’t Emergency Management, Crisis Management, or any other resilience-related area take full control of a holistic program?
    I might be in favor of the holistic approach you prescribe, but I don’t think it can come at the cost of a reduction of expertise and ownership in any discipline, nor do I see why RM should control them all.
    I might suggest that IF there is to be such a holistic approach, then it might come from Resilience, but not as an area in its own right, but rather Resilience as an inter-discipline that helps coordinate and re-combine information and proven practices from many related disciplines (without cessation of control, advice, or expertise).

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