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Models of Good Contingency Management Leadership

Models of Good Contingency Management Leadership

  • There are bound to be moments or long stretches of crisis. A company may be dealing with some urgent situations, especially with regard to its customers, and the same would be true for the customers of customers.
  • Things will go wrong but good leaders learn from these situations, become better, and forge ahead leaving their competitors behind. Companies that learn are the ones that take responsibility and put into action their best customer service even in a crisis. Such handling and management is what inspires trust and confidence in the minds of customers.
  • Too many times however, customers face indifference and denial on the part of the company when something goes wrong. The company’s refusal to offer an explanation, let alone an apology, can drive customers crazy – vowing to shake the very foundation of such companies. Doing the right thing, even in a crisis means accepting responsibility, apologizing publicly to the affected customer base, and swinging into action to not only resolve the situation, but also ensuring that there are no repeats.
  • Continuity of service and care for other’s needs is as important a part of great customer service, as any other aspect. It is easy to see through obfuscation and dishonesty, as well as poor handling of a crisis which could quickly escalate and become a tidal wave of negativity, wiping away every single aspect of positive brand and reputation.

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1497988410wpdm_Models of Good Contingency Management Leadership.pdf

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